Who We Are

ANGLEPaisa started its operations in July 2010 in collaboration with some of its counterparts in US and local investors by working on projects in the real estate sector and websites. It later felt the need of expanding into the crowdfunding market and reaching out to a larger pool of investors and public at large for inviting ideas and contributing funds. We, at ANGLEPaisa, have met with several success stories of raising funds for organizations and startups that have now developed into full-fledged businesses. We also aim for a better crowdfunding in India. The management team of ANGLEPaisa consists of individuals with high potential and caliber from different walks of life emulating their expertise in various fields. This gives ANGLEPaisa, an edge over other crowdfunding India platforms as its team is capable of managing all aspects of business i.e, initiation, establishment, growth and technology.  ANGLEPaisa is one of the front runners and a pioneering online platform which assists browsing about and investing in creative and best startups ideas. Our company makes it possible for the potential investors to invest and support as much as they can in innovative startups via simple online procedures. We help the entrepreneurs raise crowdfunding India and seed capital seamlessly from their own family, friends, independent investors and community members.

Our Objectives

  • We at ANGLEPaisa, seek to transform the business world by giving entrepreneurs a platform for leveraging their base of supporters – friends, family etc. and collectively raise funds/capital. Further, we aim at making potential investors for Startup funding, creating a fresh pool of funds, advocating and mentoring many new flourishing companies.
  • ANGLEPaisa aims to provide ordinary individuals with an opportunity to invest in a business of their choice and preference. Attain exposure to returns of investment from a diversified portfolio. Assist individuals to take pleasure of the fun of being an important part of high growth and dynamic business. Apart from this our company also helps the community, family, and friends transform their ideas into reality.
  • ANGLEPaisa is administered by professionals and experts who have garnered extensive experience in fields of business management, technology, early stage finance, compliance and regulation and corporate transactions. So, dear investors and businessmen just pick your phone and give us a ring to discuss in detail. We act as one legal shareholder, validating and supporting the crowd helping you raise future funds for your business. Apart from this, we also help you leverage the existing base of your supporters.