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Angle Paisa - India's Most Trusted Platform for Startups

Have you been looking for investing in a powerful business idea? Are you afraid of the risk basket? ANGLE PAISA makes it simple for you to purchase in the potential startups in which you trusts and that promise sharing success.


ANGLE PAISA is one of the best platforms for startups, It simplifies the research process and helps you locate the startups in which you are interested. We at AnglePaisa, in fact also take up the legal work for every business which is looking to raise capital. The moment there is return on the investment made by you, we make sure that this money gets paid directly in your account. You can do it easily because we are ready to help you when you wish to invest in startups online.


  • We simply browse pitches which have accomplished the process of rigorous review. This ensures pitch of each statement being true.
  • Safe and instant deposit of returns into your client money account
  • You receive returns even if they fail touching their targets
  • You receive daily post investment communications and hold the right to vote
  • As your nominee, our company deals with different legal paperwork, making sure of your contractual and statutory shareholder rights that stay protected with every single investment


Your support, before and during the fund raising makes sure that the startup has the best potential for success. So try for yourself and give ANGLE PAISA just one call. Angle Paisa is India's most trusted and best platform for startups in India



On finding a business you would prefer to invest in, earmark an amount that you would be investing and choose the type of investment. You will then need to sign a standard agreement which spells out the terms and conditions between Angle Paisa - "startup investment platform" and its microinvestors.


After investing money in the business of your choice, you will have an option to popularize and publicize your investment proposal amongst your friends and to the public using various mediums such as social networking sites, advertisements, personal contacts etc.


We - once again - point out that investing on crowd-funding platform involves a great deal of risk. Nevertheless, it offers greater potential for earning profits. We advise all our microinvestors to make informed decisions in making investments as they will be wholly and solely responsible for it and Angle Paisa - in no way - can be held accountable for the same because we are the best platform for startup.


We highlight some of the probable benefits for the microinvestors:

  1. It is a new avenue for the start-ups and SME sector for raising funds and increases the flow of credit in the economy enabling growth.
  2. Crowd-funding offers easy-to-understand and simple procedures for investing with significantly lower cost of capital.
  3. It offers various investment avenues and new products aiming at diversification of portfolio.
  4. It promotes healthy competition in the market which has so far been dominated by traditional methods of lending. So you can invest online in  business startup freely now.