Angle Paisa
Type of Company : Pvt
Date of Incorporation : 28-03-2015
Business Nature :
Current Loan : 0

MIN. 15000000

MAX. 37000000


your Business Concept
We are a short haul transportation company & a commercial vehicle aggregator; providing temperature controlled trucks, mini trucks and delivery vans for business deliveries across the NCR. We are aiming to improve the current state of the industry by bringing about 1. Better service standards 2. Increased availability of delivery vehicles 3. A Platform for a transparent, competitive and justifiable price in the industry We provide 3 types of service to our clients: 1. On-Demand services (OD) 2. Fixed-Plan subscriptions (FP) 3. Temperature-Controlled subscriptions (TC) We aggregate for OD & FP services, earning commissions ranging from 15-20%. Also, we aim to build a fleet for our TC service, earning gross margin of around 40%. (More details in attached presentation)
How About Competitors
We plan to differentiate from our competitors in three aspects: 1. Optimization Sales Tool: Tech backed customer acquisition tool that allows us to charge the lowest prices in the industry from our customers but still help us to generate increased profits from the same vehicle 2. End-to-end Delivery Management: Tech backed system, helping us to ensure industry-best service 3. Contingency Solutions: Tech backed solutions to ensure that all deliveries are completed irrespective of any situation at an industry-best time (More details in attached presentation)
How Invest Money
Till date we have invested Rs. 19 lakh into the business. We have invested the amount in conducting research, in developing technology for previous 2 models, setting up office and running day-to-day operations, purchasing a mini-truck etc.
When You Thnk About Break Even
Currently the business is making profits on monthly basis. And after raising the targeted funds, and as we start expanding, we expect to break even in our 3rd month itself. (Detailed projection in attached presentation)
Target Area
For our Fixed Plan services, we will be targeting companies dealing in E-commerce, Perishable Supplies, Logistics, Warehouse movements, Parcel movements, Retail etc. For our On Demand services, we will be targeting companies dealing in Events, Retail & Wholesale, Traditional Aggregation, Logistics, Warehouse movements, Parcel deliveries, Furniture, Electronic appliances, etc. For our Temperature Controlled services, we will be targeting companies dealing in Confectionaries, Dairy products, Perishables, Poultry, Pharmaceuticals, Frozen foods and Cafes & Restaurants etc. (More details on growth strategy in attached presentation)
How To Use Money In Case Of Funding
We plan to invest the targeted amount of Rs. 3.7 crore in four different heads: 1. OPEX (9-month): 34.8% amount (Rs. 1.28 crore) to be invested in running day-to-day operations for first 9 months after funding 2. CASH RESERVE: 29.01% amount (Rs. 1.07 crore) to be invested in creating cash reserve for the business for all unforeseen scenarios (specifically to ensure that all vendor payments are on time till we develop comprehensive tech and payments systems 3. CAPEX: 25.6% amount (0.94 crore) to be invested in creating tech (22%), setting up reefer (49%) & office (29%) 4. MARKETING: 10.55% amount (0.39 crore) to be invested in marketing activities for the first 18 months after funding (Internet marketing, Local Search Engine, BTL activities)