Angle Paisa
Type of Company : Pvt
Business Nature : Tech
Current Loan : 0

MIN. 5000000

MAX. 10000000


Name : P Sathvik
Qualifications : Degree
Total Experience : 1
Area of Expertise : Marketing
Involve : Full Time
Role :
Any Other Business : no
About yourself : Passion for constant improvement. Ability to work enthusiastically in both team based and individual


your Business Concept
Introducing Mirror Technologies, an innovative path for intellectual products and services.This start-up is a team of students pursuing their degree in National Institute Of Technology Raipur. Our team’s vision is to "To develop end to end customer aid products and services for nurturing future generations" and our main mission is to "To provide quality & effective services to our esteemed customers through the path called innovation." To accomplish our company’s progress we are creating two productive android applications which would prove very useful to students and to the society. The major one is "BrainO". And the next one is Shutapp.
How About Competitors
We know that there is a lot of competition in the field of technology. But the first thing we focus on is to develop right products to customers at the right time. We Plan to design our products unique. Our Young team is our specialty to face the competition in this field.
How Invest Money
We have invested very negligible amount for our company’s internal expenses.
When You Thnk About Break Even
We are actually making the android products right now & we are very confident in our products which generate income by ads gives the income really fast as soon as we release our final products. That is the point we think about Break Even
Target Area
We design products which will be useful for most of the people. We don’t limit our market. We would expand our product market to all sectors of people Our future projects include IOT in which we will design a device that would be very helpful to the safety of women. We are also in VR & AR. We are sort of company where everyone strives for innovation rather than a product which gives profit. So our target area is diversified.
How To Use Money In Case Of Funding
We are much planned in this section. We will use the money for company’s growth and development. We have those calculations in our budget sheet very clearly.