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Thane, Maharashtra

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Type of Company : Not Incorporated
Business Nature : Business Nature 1
Current Loan : 0

MIN. 5000000

MAX. 50000000


Name : Tejas P Vaidya
Qualifications : Degree
Total Experience : 2
Area of Expertise : Legal, Accounts
Involve : Full Time
Any Other Business : Sole Proprietorship of Home Based Catering Business - "RASOI GHAR: THE HOMTAURANT".
About yourself : Company Secretaries


your Business Concept
A] ONLINE PRESENCE: 1) Developing Online Portal to facilitate Online Orders. 2) Listing Existing Tiffin and Catering Service Providers on the Online Portal. 3) Encouraging Foodies, Chefs, Food Experts, Dieticians, etc to start their own Online Cafe/Restaurant, with due priority to Women. 4) Revenue shall be earned in the form of Subscription Fees for listing online and a certain Rate of Commission on Monthly Sale by these Sellers. 5) Healthy India Fit India message to be spread. 6) Restoring Traditional/Authentic Indian Dishes which have vanished due to influx of Chinese and Western Food. 7) Every Household has its own Special Dish which may be a Traditional/Authentic one and which may not be found elsewhere in any Restaurant. B] COMMERCIAL COMPLEX PRESENCE / BRICK AND MORTAR STORES: 1) Developing a Mall / Brick and Mortar Stores which shall comprise of all Traditional/Authentic dishes which are currently restricted only to Indian Households. 2) Developing such Mall / Brick and Mortar Stores at prime locations in Cities and Towns. 3) Popular dishes of Rural India also to be covered. 4) Refreshing the group of people selected with new group after specified period in such a way that dishes from each and every corner of each and every State of India shall be covered. 5) Eventually integrating all type of Home Made Products under one roof. 6) As this proposal involves Huge Capital Expenditure, we can develop Homtaurants in Existing Malls, Schools, Colleges, Office Canteens, Residential Townships, or any other Commercial Establishments. 7) The concept of Food Truck, especially Solely run by Women, shall further strengthen the concept of THE HOMTAURANTS.
How About Competitors
CURRENT COMPETITORS: 1) GORB 2) HOLACHEF 3) iCHEF Above Competitors have integrated Chefs on their Online Portal. THE HOMTAURANTS seek to become a Global Platform for serving Authentic/Traditional Indian Dishes, with due focus on creating Women Entrepreneurs, thereby developing SMART FOOD CITIES, contributing towards Hon'ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi's vision of Digital India and Cashless Society, creating one more recognition for India as "The Country of THE HOMTAURANTS".
How Invest Money
Since THE HOMTAURANTS is not yet incorporated, we haven't invested any money yet.
When You Thnk About Break Even
Online Presence mode of THE HOMTAURANTS shall Break Even within 6 Months to 1 Year.
Target Area
All those foodies who are Indian Food lovers, searching for options beyond not so healthy Restaurants, and all those fitness freaks on a lookout for healthy alternatives to Restaurants, shall be the Target Customers of THE HOMTAURANTS.
How To Use Money In Case Of Funding
THE HOMTAURANTS shall begin its journey of developing "SMART FOOD CITIES" starting from THANE CITY. THE HOMTAURANTS shall have an Outlet, Website, App on Google Play store, integrating the Participants of C.K.P. Food Festival, existing Tiffin and Catering Service Providers, aspiring Chefs, Foodies, Housewives, etc, in our vision of SMART FOOD CITIES.