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Stefanie - The Last of the Blue Horned Rhino

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Type of Company : Pvt
Date of Incorporation : 07-05-2016
Business Nature : Animation Studios including comic book making, Cartoons, and Training
Current Loan : 0

MIN. 500000

MAX. 1005000


Name : Erik van Niekerk
Qualifications : Other
Total Experience : 10
Area of Expertise : Management/Finance
Involve : Full Time
Role : General Management and Finance
Any Other Business : No
About yourself : Exp in General Management and Finance


your Business Concept
In the beautiful seaside village of Knysna you will find a team of people, sharing a common dream, that of animation!. Walter Corbett and Erik van Niekerk joined forces in pursuing this dream, and were later joined by unique individuals like Pieter Kruger, an artist “par excellence”, father of Brother Zeb a weekly Cartoon Strip published locally as well as online, artists like Duncan de Weerd, Carlyle Lodewyk, Raen Messina, Malibongwe to name a few, who all completed their first comic books produced by SparkLife Studios. But the dream did not stop here! Their dream is to produce a full length animated movie of cinema quality, using local talent, and local animators, depicting uniquely South African scenarios, with an enormous international interest. So where do they find animators on the beautiful Garden Route, more known for its beauty as holiday spot than for animation? They train them of course.
How About Competitors
As such no competition in the market since our projects are majorly focused upon Social Causes. Over a period of 4 years Walter Corbett studied, investigated and researched and finally produced a full basic training course in animation, covering all the basics of what needs to be done. Today, SparkLife Studios has a model for training animators and utilizing those skills under the guidance of well-known and respected animators like Jan de wet Cilliers and Warren Esherich. This not only creates employment, but gives an avenue to local talent to live their dreams! To date the SparkLife Studios team has crafted a number of stories, produced a comic book (to act as a 'up-engined' storyboard), to be followed by the ‘construction ‘of an animated movie. Our aspiration is to craft a series of movies featuring protagonists that are uniquely South African and it is with this in mind that we have written stories and in fact produced comics like: Xai of the Khoisan and the Black Caravel The story of evil sailors, a caravel ship and slavery! All playing off against the backdrop of the Knysna Heads Xai of the Khoisan and The Return of the Anunnaki Everything to make it fascinating and exciting at the same time, Aliens, stone circles, giants, gold and of course, the Khoisan, abduction and human cloning!
How Invest Money
FUNDING FOR THE ANIMATION of Stefanie will not only create employment, desperately needed in our town, it will steer remarkable individuals into the exciting world of animation and sustain them on an ongoing basis, producing future South African animators and film producers. Sparklife Studios will be using a mix of animators that we have trained from the local community along with some highly skilled animators available to our Studio, specifically focussing on PDI’s. Once this ‘formula’ has been established, we plan to repeat the cycle over and over for additional local and indigenous stories, all the while involving local talent in the writing, animating, musical, sound effects, etc. required in the process of crafting these stories. It is our belief (somewhat confirmed by others) that the world is hungry for ‘new’ stories, told with ‘new’ protagonists and created using a ‘new’ approach. It is with firm conviction that Sparklife Studios is ready to do so.
When You Thnk About Break Even
In a month
Target Area
Everyone and anyone concerned for this social cause
How To Use Money In Case Of Funding
Money will be invested in calling up operations and tech for creating the animation, a full view of the distribution of the money can be seen in the prospectus available to downlaod