Angle Paisa
Type of Company : Prop.
Date of Incorporation : 08-09-2016
Business Nature : Tech
Current Loan : 0

MIN. 10000000

MAX. 50000000


Name : Gaurav K Gupta
Qualifications : Degree
Total Experience : 2
Area of Expertise : Software Developement
Involve : Full Time
Role : Tech Expert
Any Other Business :
About yourself : Technology Expert


your Business Concept
SecondVendor is an e-commerce platform primarily for Refurbished/Used Phones. The target market is huge & scope for adding more players is very attractive, especially for the Tier II & Tier III cities where the online purchasing is slowing increasing traction. 1. Better service standards. 2. Reliability on Products 3. Extensive use of online marketing, especially on mobile, to raise awareness & website visits & email sign-ups for constant interactions with the potential customer. 3. Target demographics include young generation between 25-40 who have a good appetite for online purchasing & also are open for big-ticket transactions online. 4. Options to customer choose from a wide range of products at a very low price. 5. Checked and Verified products by Secondvendor team only. 6. In future we are going to introduce Mobile Rent Facility as well with the slot of 3,6,9 and 12 Months respectively.
How About Competitors
We plan to differentiate from our competitors in three aspects: 1. PRICING: Today Pricing is the main factor so we set our pricing by comparing with other compeitiors we keep upto 40% less price compare to others 2. Our other market competitors are like ebay,quikr etc.but issue with these sites are that there is no reliability of products as products are shipped by seller only 3 They don't have Mobile rent facility with them for individuals to keep changing with technology and modifications.We will provide this solutions to our youngsters who are seeking to change in life in every moment.
How Invest Money
Till date we have invested Rs. 7 Lakh. into the business. We have invested the amount in Warehouse setup, Promotions,Onli setting up office and running day-to-day operations,.
When You Thnk About Break Even
Since our starting we are already in profit.
Target Area
We are planning to touch our sale of Rs 2.5 Cr in next one year
How To Use Money In Case Of Funding
We plan to invest the targeted amount of Rs. 3.7 crore in four different heads: 1.With funding from external investors we will expand our teams with best professionals in the industry to better match the expectations of the modern consumer & also be a strong competition to existing well-funded players. 2.Team, technology & marketing is where the funding will be used to start with. 3.Improvement & increase in manufacturing & warehousing prowess are other uses. 4.Clubbed with our traditional, lean & cost-conscious manufacturing expertise, we can add value to customers & stakeholders alike. 5.Full ivestment plan is mentioned in PPT