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Type of Company : Not Incorporated
Business Nature :
Current Loan : 0

MIN. 15000000

MAX. 35000000


your Business Concept
ER4U is helping unorganized retailers to cope up with market standards and future technologies, by digitalizing them for their maximum business growth. ER4U is also filling the gap between Retailers & Suppliers
How About Competitors
Though we have few indirect competitors, as ER4U is enabling retailers to manage their store sales (including inventory, purchase, sales, HRM, CRM, Accounts) and Ecommerce channel sales, in a user friendly manner at one platform. On Top of that, other players lack in helping retailers grow their sales, reports are still in the Ice Age format, IOT and Business Intelligence is completely out of question. ER4U delivers it all. This helps retailers to Increase their sales, their inventory is centralized & available on all their stores and ecommerce channels. Retailers can view & buy the fresh stocks from suppliers automatically. They also benefit from stock clearance by suppliers. Hence, the stock levels are automatically updated in real time everywhere! If that's not enough, Easy Usability, Seamless integration, Single panel for management of store and online selling channels. All this with a Great support team makes it a deadly combination for all needs of any retailer.
How Invest Money
We have invested close to 7lakh Rs till date, which have given us profitablity already.
When You Thnk About Break Even
We are already revenue making & in profits, but as per our expansion plan, we will take about 1YEAR to cross the break even and reach upto 12 cities of india in 2years
Target Area
Segmentation – Retailers & Suppliers with more than 1 stores majorly and single store retailers who are looking for more economical and user friendly solution. Target – Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities within India like economy countries Positioning – Economic and easy to use, One stop solution for Retailer & Wholesalers
How To Use Money In Case Of Funding
Total Asking- 3.55Cr INR for Geographical and Demographical Expansion, also for R&D and Development 1.40Cr Marketing 1.03Cr Further Phase Development 1.12Cr Expansion and Infrastructure