Angle Paisa
Type of Company : Prop.
Business Nature : IT & HiTech
Current Loan : 0

MIN. 10000000

MAX. 20000000


Name : Mr Pushkar Nagwekar
Qualifications : Other
Total Experience : 8
Area of Expertise : Technology and arts
Involve : Full Time
Role : Founder
Any Other Business :
About yourself : Founder Experiencious


your Business Concept
Experiencious is a leading creative research agency in digital marketing worskspace based in Vadodara, India. Multiple years of industry experience working across all verticals of digital workspace and consistent successful project executions has enabled Experiencious achieve industry recognition and reputation. Experiencious, the company is true to its name which is experience delightfulness! Under the visionary leadership of Pushkar Nagwekar, Experiencious has been reaching summits of success. Along with a motivated and hard working team, successful project executions and timely delivery have been a norm. Experiencious is known for innovating and implementing new ideas with best in class technology.
How About Competitors
India is the land of sustainable market and business opportunity. Digital Technology is the front runner in the race of growth and prosperity. As per the Digital India vision, India holds the potential of being Rs.1.8 trillion digital industry. It is estimated that Event Management industry will touch the mark of Rs. 5K crore. From 14 million industry, luxury market will jump to whooping Rs. 2K crore by 2017. It demonstrates the growth of 20%. The internet users are on the rise and so is the Application industry. The mobile application industry will be worth Rs. 77K Crore by 2017 in India. As per the joint study conducted by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB International, Rs. 2,750 crore of the current digital advertisement market, display advertisement contributes 29% of the total share. Current Competitors: JC ducaux advertising Pvt. Ltd. (India), France Sapient Nitro, USA Moonraft, India Experiential design Lab Pvt. Ltd. India
How Invest Money
India’s Digital Vision along with IT & Digital workplace industry is poised to grow as combined result of untapped opportunity, economic growth, world vision and increasing marketing awareness and demand, up gradation of quality of life of the people. • Very fast developing market with very lesser penetration and presence of the players. The promoter has an excellent experience and presence in the market. • Technical skills are proven with an excellent technical team available. • Excellent EBIDTA margin. • Promoter is planning geographical presence to capture the niche market share. • Executed and solutions provided to the industry majors and State Government. • The base Gujarat in itself is very promising factor. • Very less competition prevails in the market. • Game plan is in place to increase market presence with very less capital expenditure programme but more focus on market development and measures with team building
When You Thnk About Break Even
Target Area
Experiencious is not a concrete box, but is a lab where the creative juices are squeezed out to create ideas that leads to innovation. The technology combined with design and feelings builds advance connections between brands and their audiences. At Experiencious, tales are written every moment. All the creations have a purpose to help brands engage with their customers so that there is a healthier conversation which drive brand consideration. Being the pioneer in digital medium, Experiencious offers wide range of solutions from its service portfolio. Experiencious offers out of the box, innovative solutions and matchless services that woo the clients and their customers. Experiencious works for the brand by working with the brand. It strongly believes that great things are achieved from collaboration. The ideology of digital-personal connection allows Experiencious to look at a brand as a connected system of experience, with its mission driving everything at its core.
How To Use Money In Case Of Funding
Expansion The perfect mix of digital industry growth rate, the appropriate funds to invest and the best brains working under one roof will give Experiencious much needed boost to capture the huge market share that is currently untapped. Looking at the various factors which are in favor of the creative digital agency, Experiencious is eying growth of more than 300% in coming years. Experiencious wants to expand its activities and services geographically and very promising business hubs like: Mumbai – known to world as Financial Capital of India & Delhi in the first phase immediately. Gradually in 2 years Experiencious wants to expand its activity in Dubai and other parts of world. The Promoter is looking to raise Rs. 2 crores for its expansion in Phases by offering a substantial minority stake @ 10% to the private equity/Investors, based on post investment projection on year ended as at 31.03.2017.