Wagon Cab (Technocab India Private Limited)

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Wagon Cab is an Indian Startup Organization based in Gurugram. It was founded in the year 2017 with a motive to offer competitive fares to its customers and first class opportunity to earn, for drivers. It is a platform of Indian CAB industry where a Rider pays less and the Driver earns more bringing stability in the Industry.

The Company has focused on all the modes of public transport using the influence of internet to make it easy for Indian & Foreign customers who end up paying high prices due to communication gap. The company has the vision to make public transport and tourism industry a hassle-free process so that people should enjoy long routes with peace.

Wagon Cab is an idea on implementation by two extraordinary minds who are the pillars of the organization, Mr. Arpan Aggarwal and Mr. Uttam Bose! As mentioned prior, Established in 2017 it has shown an incredible growth and targeted the market leaders with its outstanding marketing strategies.

Team Wagon Cab is continuously striving toward success by making the process transparent and customer friendly. Building the foundation on customer trust, their predictive business strategy is fruitful and promising in years to come.

Target Campaign Address

Address: Unit 1018A, Tower B4, Spaze I Tech Park, Sector-49, Sohna Road, Gurugram, HR-122018
City: Gurugram
State: Delhi
Country: India

Target market and consumer base

The Indian CAB Industry market is Valued at $10.8 bn - a value which is projected to increase exponentially over the course of next few years, as CAB sector is entering the conventional line of demand. CAB book and ride is a process of hassle these days which requires a solution and even from those who are charging multiple of charges from it commuters.

Break even


Utilisation of funds

Rs 10,00,000 shall be utilised for technology upgradation Rs 30,00,000 shall be utilised for marketing Rs 10,00,000 shall be utilised for operations

Project File

56041518090122Wagon Cab Investor Deck.pdf Download it.

Team Member & Designation

Photo Name Designation
Arpan Agarwal founder & ceo
Uttam Bose Director
Vipul Agarwal Financial Advisor
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