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We Care about what you wear!

Union Suits will be the pioneer company to sell premium t-shirts which will be made from Double combed cotton, Tri-blend fabric &  hydrophobic fabric that repels sweat and stain.

The Silic T-shirt looks like a simple, form-fitting T-shirt you’d find in any clothing store until you see what happens when someone throws a glass of water on it. The shirt’s soft polyester fabric is layered with microscopic silica particles, which bond to the fibers and create a tiny barrier of air around it.
This causes any water-based liquid, including sweat and even maple syrup, to form into beads and slide off like rainwater on a windshield. As an added bonus, since the material never retains any moisture for bacteria to grow, it’s also anti-microbial and doesn’t need to be washed as often as a result.
The Silic shirt is just as comfortable as any other shirt and can be machine washed 80 times before its water-repelling properties are affected.
The Silic shirt is just as comfortable as any other shirt and can be machine washed 80 times before its water-repelling properties are affected.

The Definition of Tri-Blend

As you might have guessed from the name “tri-blend,” the blend of the shirt is made of three different fabrics. While a regular t-shirt is 100% cotton, tri-blend tees are 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% Rayon which makes them softer. Kinda like a fancy t-shirt that runs alittle bit smaller and have more stretch to them.

Double Combed T-shirts

Ring spun cotton is smoother and longer yarn compared to open-end yarn. In addition, ring spun yarn goes through a spinning process that softens and straightens each fiber. The end result of ring spun is a more refined fiber. Ring spun combed yarn, is where the cotton fibers are spun and then combed to remove impurities and enhance the luxurious hand feel.


Target Campaign Address

Address: Gat no: 95, Jyotibanagar, Talawade, Pune-412114
City: Pune
State: Maharashtra
Country: India

Target market and consumer base

The apparel industry is a sub-sector which falls under the retail industry. The retail industry has various sub-segments like Food and Grocery, Apparel, Mobile & Telecom, Food service, Jewellery, consumer electronics, pharmacy and few others. Out of all the segments, the largest is food and grocery (60%) followed by Apparel (8%) and Mobile & Telecom (6%). Moreover, if we look at the consumption expenditure, apparel segment stands at 4% of the total expenditure. As per a study conducted by Forrester Research, about one-fifth of the total retail sales are expected to take place via online mode by 2021 in Asia Pacific, with 78% of that coming from mobile - up from 63% in 2016. Further, the study says that online retail via mobile will grow at a CAGR of 15.6% to stand at US$1 trillion by 2020 vs US$539 billion in 2016. Moreover, if we look at the above graph, about 30% of the shopping queries witnessed were related to the apparel segment, indicating the existing interest within consumers and the shift of preferences from apparel as a basic necessity to a luxurious want. After China, India is the largest country in terms of garment production. Most of the produced garments are exported – cheap labor and overall low production costs are the main reasons why foreign entities are setting up manufacturing facilities in India. The entire apparel market consists of four main segments – men wear, women wear, boys wear and girls wear. Our target audience is the youth (both boys and girls) aged between 15 to 30 years. Moreover, the Indian apparel market is expected to reach US$80 billion as against the US$41 billion in 2013. Considering our target segment, Globhal Techno Trade has at least over 50% of the Indian apparel market. Moreover, according ASSOCHAM – Resurgent India Study, the number of consumers to purchase online will cross the bar of 100 million by 2017. The increasing number of consumers interested in purchasing online will be the key driver of growth for GTT. Industry analysis: The apparel industry is analysed by understanding strategic frameworks like Porter’s five forces and PESTLE analysis. These frameworks provide us insights about the industry dynamics as well as the key factors that will drive the industry going forward.

Break even

6 months to 1 year

Utilisation of funds

Funds will utilized for the following sectors: 1) Team building( Tshirt designer, digital marketing analyst, Business Development officer, Marketing Team, Sales Team.) 2) Basic infrastructure( Office desk, Desktop, sitting arrangements, softwares, Internet connection, Food & Beverages.) 3) Purchase of self designed t-shirt in bulk. 4) Arrangement of distribution Channels. 5) Contracts & Legal formalities. 6) Website building, Shopping App & Good will formation of the company.

Project File

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Saumya Bajpai Director
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