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TripMaximus is the World’s first online travel market network.

The global travel market spends over USD7 Trillion annually on travel. Travel is a fragmented industry and needs change, old practices need to take out and a new paradigm needs to be developed in order to make travel more affordable to the 8 Billion people in this world. We all have one lifetime and it would be a shame if we don’t get to travel and see the world.

TripMaximus is a start-up in the online travel space. TripMaximus will be the World’s First Online Travel Market Network. It’s a “one-stop shop” that will being B2C Consumers, B2E Corporate Companies and B2B Travel Agents and their sub-agents together on one ecosystem and allow them to interact, communicate and “buy & sell” travel verticals such as Flights, Hotels, Resorts, Car hire, Coach Holidays, Vacation Holidays, Cruise Holidays, Ski Holidays, Safaris, Tours, Sightseeing, Travel Insurance and much more.

Our launch markets in the first phase will be the GCC & Middle East markets. This target market is worth USD58 Billion. Once we have scale and traction our phase two launch markets will be the Indian Sub-continent and the APAC region which is now the world’s largest travel market.

For too long now, big players have dominated the online travel space and have squeezed out smaller players from coming online and changing the industry. They have acted as middlemen and taken away all the commission that they take from airlines and hotels without passing it on to the end user. It’s time for that to change, it’s time to take the middlemen out of the equation, it’s time to change the online travel industry for the better.

I prefer not to use the word “disruption”, it’s cliché, I prefer to use the term “we are changing the game” or, “online travel is in for a tectonic shift”. We want to power the small travel agents with online travel technology and an ecosystem that will take them to the next level, travel agents no longer need to spend hundreds of thousands of Dollars on travel technology. We want to put the options in the hands of B2C direct customers with a game-changing platform that gives them the cheapest and best deals in one place and allows travel agents to bid and quote for their travel. We want to power the B2E Corporate Companies with an ecosystem that allows them to buy and source their travel needs online at cost savings to their travel spend and allows travel agents to bid and quote for their business travel needs.

TripMaximus being a market network with hundreds of worldwide travel agents connected on the platform will bring scale and scale will bring the cheapest and best deals for travel.

The goal of TripMaximus is to build the World’s first online travel market network.
An open platform for B2C consumers, B2B Travel Agents and B2E Business travelers to communicate and transact in a 360-degree manner.
To build a “one-stop shop” for travel that harnesses the features and benefits of a marketplace and a market network.
We will connect directly with airlines and hotels by taking out the GDSs and Hotel Aggregators, thereby offer the incentives, discounts, and deals to the end user.
To provide for affordable options, luxury of choice and loads of fun.
This platform is created by a team of people that come from airline, travel and technology backgrounds.
Our vision is to be the best in class for B2C consumers, B2B travel agents and B2E business travelers, to research, plan and book travel, by bringing in travel agents, their partners, and suppliers into a network creating a marketplace for people to “buy & sell” travel-related verticals.

Our Mission is to innovate constantly on functionality, business model, travel technology and products in order to grow, sustain and be a leader in the business.

We would love to share our Pitch Deck with you and talk about a Seed Fund in the range of USD500,000 to get the MVP built, market it and launches the first phase in markets of GCC & Middle East. We plan to roll out the rest of the world in a phased manner allowing us to scale the business and go global. We should have the prototype built in 5-6 months.

Target Campaign Address

Address: 607-7, Diamond Business Centre, 6th Floor, BB1 Tower, Mazaya Business Avenue, JLT, Dubai
City: Dubai
State: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates

Target market and consumer base

The Global travel industry is valued at around USD6 Trillion. Our launch target market will be the GCC & Middle East countries. The online travel market in this target market is valued at USD58 Billion. We will be the World's first online travel market network that brings B2C Consumers, B2B Travel Agents and B2E Corporate or Business Travelers onto our ecosystem and allows them to "buy & sell" online travel verticals.

Break even


Utilisation of funds

Funds will be utilized to build the ecosystem or prototype, market it and launch it in the GCC & Middle East market. The second phase will be to launch the Indian Sub-Continent and the APAC region once we get traction and build the brand.

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