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Bihar Positive’ is the energy flux of all those illuminated minds who have assembled in this ‘organizationless organization’, focussed on promoting positive changes cutting across the various strata of society of Bihar. We realize that we should not only relish and take pride in our glorious past but should work towards a better present and an even better and golden future. In recent times, intelligent and industrious Biharis are showing great prowess and leaving indelible positive impressions at national and international levels. However the success rate is abysmally low when the similar set of talented people try from within the state.

Is it time to review all the systems and processes which are archaic and impeding the desired outcome? Are we thinking together as a society enough to change the course of our destiny? Are we using the latest technology to find innovative solutions to our complex problems? And most important of all – Do we believe that dreaming and working together with positive intent can transform our great state? What is that golden elixir which our beloved state needs so that we are being ushered to a Golden Era once again?

Bihar Positive will strive to connect one positive mind with another to create a web of illuminating minds tirelessly working in the common platform with a firm resolution on positive, pragmatic and phenomenal transformation. History is a witness to the fact that any major revolution has two phases – the first one which is a negative phase – in which the existing system & structure are dismantled. But let us never forget that it is this negative phase which bears in its womb the seeds of newness. The second phase which is of phenomenal importance is when a new system and order is positively built to replace the system for which the revolution originally started. Bihar Positive will continue to focus on the positive ‘Build” aspect with this silent positive revolution.


It is with great excitement that we introduce ‘Navodbhav’. “NAVODBHAV” is the event being organized by Bihar Positive to celebrate the 133rd Birth anniversary of Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

Navodbhav will attract 100+ successful Biharis living globally and 2500+ people who will meet to discuss how to create “New Bihar” in the changed scenario as India stakes a claim superpower status and “Disruptive Innovation” are bringing transformational change globally.

At Navodbhav, Bihar Positive aims to connect successful people of Bihar origin living globally to grass root development with an innovative experiment – Positive Innovation circle (PIC) designed along the
lines of “Quality Circle”. We strongly feel that this will be an enabler and guiding principle in ensuring that our state gets all the benefits of technological advances happening around us. It will give rise to Income generating avenues and wider socio-economic benefits for the masses irrespective of their status.

We see this developing as the first positive movement towards an inevitable change. It has already started gaining momentum and is expected to take a giant leap during ‘Navodbhav’. We invite you to join this movement as sponsors/contributor and become part of a monumental step.
We look forward to meeting you at Patna on the 3rd December 2017 to kick start Navodbhav.

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Address: G- 001, Devendra Lok Apartment kankerBagh , Patna Pin Code - 800020
City: Patna
State: Bihar
Country: India

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Manish Sinha CEO, Splisys
CA Himanshu Kumar Charted Accountant
Vikash Kumar Enterpeneur
Vivek Sinha Enterpeneur
BB Verma Regional Manager
Rajnish sinha Enterpeneur
Sanjay Chandwani Consultant (Marketing & Organisational Strategy )
Pravin Sinha Service
Manoj Kr. Chaudhary Service
Team Bihar Positive
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