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Crowdfunding: Deeper Customer engagement holds the key to investment success

Crowdfunding is emerging as a new age concept in the financial investment arena. It allows a general audience to invest a small amount of money as a microinvestor to receive…


New market models shaping Crowdfunding growth

The concept of Crowdfunding is growing leaps and bounds and supporting investment models across varied startups. Multiple fundraising ideas are available in the market for entrepreneurs to benefit from. Crowdfunding though is…


Artificial Intelligence driving Crowdfunding to the next level

Crowdfunding and Artificial intelligence both are emerging areas which are tremendously impacting each industry. Crowdfunding platform provides an alternative way to startup businesses to raise funds online through microinvestors globally on their…


Crowdfunding for Growing Small and Medium enterprise sector in India

With the Small and Medium enterprise (SME) sector growing, anyone today with a business startup idea can be an entrepreneur in India. For these SMEs to mushroom, they need to…


Crowdfunding: The bedrock for entrepreneurial growth

Crowdfunding as a concept is growing leaps and bounds across startup circles globally. With confidence in crowdfunding models increasing year-on-year it is becoming a crucial weapon in the armory of…


10 Major Reasons Behind Failure of Startups

Most startup businesses in India remain in doubt about their growth in the competitive market. This happens due to varied reasons, which may lead their insecurity to survive in the…


5 Things to Take Care Before Buying A Business

Buying a business has many advantages as compared to establishing a new business, since you get pre-attained customer base, well-trained workforce, relevant machine & tools and strategically designed infrastructure. But…


5 Things to Take Care Before Selling A Business

Selling a business is a very complicated process owing to its several legal formalities and documentation that need detailed understanding of all guidelines designed for the process of selling any…