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Capt. Sanjeeva Sinha

Capt. Sanjeeva Sinha


Capt. Sinha…..the Sailor who never stopped his journey, still heading continuous towards north. He started his career in Merchant Navy, served as Captain for 10 Years. He joined in the Year 1979 and sailed across the world touching all continents and collecting his experience from all the developed countries.

The new venture & most Challenging task of financial market as stock Broker was stepped in, in the year 2002.With small team of 4 people as a mere sub broker he began his journey and now he has giant ship of 500+ Employees and 20,000 Clients. He has taken all the financial products in to his one canopy named AMRAPALI AADYA. His Journey from Stock Broker up to Investment Banking was not easy and simple but he converted all challenges into opportunities. Next Vision is to make this unsinkable ship service our country and world with all kind of financial product and lead as Captain with team of over 10000 Employees and more than 1 Lac Clients.