ANGLEPaisa for Investors

Investment at ANGLEPaisa

A smart way to become an Intelligent crowdfunder

ANGLEPaisa as a platform, assist investors to invest in creative and innovative business ideas, our platform capable of offering an end to end solution to Businesses and Investors where they all enter in an ecosystem which is smart enough to facilitate them and help them establish themselves as a stable organization. We make it possible for the potential business investors to invest and support innovative Startup ideas, listed on our website, via simple online procedure, we help entrepreneurs raise crowdfunding investment and seed capital seamlessly from independent investors and its community members. With ANGLEPaisa, now, anyone can become an Investor, feel the power of an entrepreneur by joining our microinvestor campaign and take the maximum benefit of our investment services. We are expanding our investor’s community, join us as an investor and be a part of our elite Investors Club.

Why ANGLEPaisa for Investment?

ANGLEPaisa is healthily expanding not only as crowdfunding website and fundraising platform in India but also, as a complete Fin-tech market for Indian innovation and financial needs. We give an environment to both Investors and Startups wherein key elements of the trade-off like negotiation, share transfer, fund transfer are done in a transparent manner. We had successfully funded various Startup campaigns and have a strong and trusted investor base. We provide our business investors a 3-corner shield which not only safeguards their trust but also protect their wealth by generating secure ROIs.

The Three Corner Shield


  • Strong database of Startups
  • Strong internal evaluation structure wherein each idea of the startup is evaluated on various parameters including financial, technical parameters etc
  • Providing complete ecosystem that includes providing services like valuation, payroll management, accounting, infrastructure support, Statutory/Regulatory compliance support and virtual CFO, reducing the default rate of a Startups
  • Strong team of subject matter experts, having industry-specific domain knowledge to evaluate and guide Startups
  • Mentorship through industry experts who are smart enough to facilitate so that Startups can establish their business as a stable organization


  • A minimum risk equity-based model for investors where they can invest any amount and can expect a set equity in return
  • Tax-free dividends
  • A chance to invest a small amount of capital and can expect equity as a microinvestor
  • Higher returns in comparison to other investment avenues that are also consistent with nature
  • With diversified startup portfolio, the on-boarded investors get a chance to invest in a number of business ideas


  • Opportunity to join our elite Investors Club which is in-fact a league of whale Investors, by qualifying for our premium Investor Cards (Invest-o-card)- Silver, Gold & Platinum
  • Free family trip packages with every Invest-o-card annuity points
  • Lesser success fee @ 4% from Female Financiers
  • Attractive service coupons for first-time investors
  • Opportunity to get featured and branding on all PR and digital channels of ANGLEPaisa