Fund For She

At ANGLEPaisa, we help young women entrepreneurs to ignite their success story. We not only provide funds but help them shape their careers and guide them throughout their journey. We are working towards empowering women and are looking for talent which can stand out and work for their own self, in a country like India where women are traditionally more inclined towards household activities and are excellent homemakers. It is observed that women with skills and talent get isolated inside a world more like cocoon, sometimes, it’s either the responsibility of a family or sometimes it’s the societal stereotype and eventually as a result they are unable to find themselves in the shoes of an industry leader.

You just need to have dreams, ambitions and a Startup idea, which we will further help you to transform that idea into your own business. So whether you are a student, a housewife, a working woman, you just need to come up and have faith in yourself, and faith in ANGLEPaisa which says it’s never too late to follow your passions. Due to technological advancements, women are an emerging force and the country needs such wonders in terms of female talent to improve economically as well as socially.  Domestic skills like time, people management and household budgeting can be a boon for running a business. In various walks of life women have showcased amazing results and we want to take this spirit to new heights. This amazing idea and more over an initiative of a pink fund will not only empower women with skills related to entrepreneurship but will also connect them with global talent helping them to make genuine connections since it’s the right time for the Indian women to show out the world that India is also a country where women are no less than men in the business.

ANGLEPaisa works as an ecosystem where microinvestors come together to invest in innovative ideas. In this ecosystem we provide end to end services. We also have on-board mentors that will guide women on how they can pursue their start up idea. ANGLEPaisa is one such crowdfunding website, which provides an easy to use interface along with Ecosystem services to support each and every need of a woman entrepreneur, with the hope that in future we will see a lot of women entrepreneurs with fledgling startups grow much stronger with crowdfunding concepts.

We also work hard on the promotional strategies for the start-ups so that women can advertise their brand under the umbrella of ANGLEPaisaWe provide you with a platform where a woman can break through the glass ceilings and change all those stereotypes that only men can run their own businesses.  Feel free to contact us with a minute idea and interact with our talented consultants, share your ideas, your views and seek great advice along with an opportunity to raise funds for your business.