Crowdfunding: The bedrock for entrepreneurial growth


Crowdfunding: The bedrock for entrepreneurial growth

Crowdfunding as a concept is growing leaps and bounds across startup circles globally. With confidence in crowdfunding models increasing year-on-year it is becoming a crucial weapon in the armory of entrepreneurs across sectors. Crowdfunding for business provides the only truly viable alternative for startups to raise additional money for their ventures than what is typically available through traditional funding methods.

Presently, startups are inclined to utilize crowdfunding for raising capital to get past funding access issues and extreme interest rates associated with traditional forms of funding. Fundraising platforms help provide opportunities to scale for each type of startup including sectors like education, healthcare, fintech, gaming, etc. who have smart and creative ideas with which they can generate new businesses through crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding for startups not only helps make capital available but also provides a facility to market a startup’s product to a larger audience. It is also a great tool for measuring market demand. While applying for crowd-funding, startups get a realistic idea of market readiness even during the time they are raising funds. It helps the entrepreneur gather followers and backers even before launch, to build trust and increase the chances of getting new investors on-board.

Crowdfunding platforms help develop a community of loyal customers who can spread the word for other potential investors to join-in. These platforms also help capture customer feedback and responses. In the traditional funding model, startups used to gather feedback through surveys, focus groups, etc. An inordinate amount of time and money needed to be spent on these activities. Online crowdfunding websites, however, have made this easier and help raise capital along-with relevant market feedback in quick-time.

ANGLEPaisa is one of the leading equity based crowdfunding platforms in India which provides startup funding. Its expert team evaluates the startup idea and guides entrepreneurs to collect information as well as make business plans which help create successful crowdfunding campaigns. ANGLEPaisa also provides end to end services to each startup which helps to kick start and establish a stable business. On the other side of it, investors also avail benefits of these services where they can see their investments grow. ANGLEPaisa provides a diversified portfolio to microinvestors where they can invest in more than one project and get trusted returns at lower risk.

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