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Entrepreneurs need to manage hurdles in starting a new business

Most people have unique business ideas and they want to start their own businesses. They need to consider multiple areas and requirements to start a new venture. Entrepreneurship comes with…


Equity Crowdfunding: Establishing the promise for a brighter Startup future

India is witnessing a radical shift in the way equity crowdfunding is being viewed. Angel investment coming under SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) scanner for fraudulent practices and scams has…


Walking the tightrope on Startup Funding? Crowdfunding comes to Rescue

Business Startups need to manage multiple challenges in an innovative manner to kick-start and sustain their ventures. Raising funds is one of the most important aspects required for initializing any…


Crowdfunding: Leveraging funding for Startup success

This concept of Crowdfunding is getting popular all around the world with adoption and growth-rate increasing every year across several industry sectors. Crowdfunding for startups is one of the easiest…


Crowdfunding: Deeper Customer engagement holds the key to investment success

Crowdfunding is emerging as a new age concept in the financial investment arena. It allows a general audience to invest a small amount of money as a microinvestor to receive…


New market models shaping Crowdfunding growth

The concept of Crowdfunding is growing leaps and bounds and supporting investment models across varied startups. Multiple fundraising ideas are available in the market for entrepreneurs to benefit from. Crowdfunding though is…


Crowdfunding for Growing Small and Medium enterprise sector in India

With the Small and Medium enterprise (SME) sector growing, anyone today with a business startup idea can be an entrepreneur in India. For these SMEs to mushroom, they need to…


10 Major Reasons Behind Failure of Startups

Most startup businesses in India remain in doubt about their growth in the competitive market. This happens due to varied reasons, which may lead their insecurity to survive in the…

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