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Every individual looks for different factors before investing in any start up. Acknowledging this, it is our goal to make things float in such a manner that it is simple for you to build portfolio, irrespective of the kind of startups business you are looking for. It is mandate for you to consider some basic things before buying any business and investing in it. We help you if you have small business for sale in India.

IDEA - Each company is formed with a concept. Acknowledge the business idea and see what problem that aims to solve. See that you have the precise solution for the problem. Acknowledge that the business grows in right time and then consider buying that business.

TEAM - It is but obvious that every business and idea has an expert team behind itself. See that this team possesses appropriate experience to accomplish the idea. Make sure that the business you are buying has team that is passionate and dedicated in growing business.

FINANCIAL STRATEGY - It is mandatory for the business to recognize its alternatives when it comes to generating revenue. You must see that their options are viable. Only then decide to buy that particular business.

So reach out to ANGLE PAISA and see how we change the way you make investment. We have no substitute for RETURN ON INVESTMENTS. We help you buy and sell business in India in easiest way.


Indian economy is one of the fastest developing economies of the world and is a much sought-after destination by most developed countries to setup and expand their businesses. It offers a plethora of options to study emerging markets, acquire promising entities to expand market base and to capture the ever growing pie of the burgeoning middle class.

The other side of the picture presents the gloomy side of this booming economy: No takers for the sick or not so profitable units/business enterprises. ANGLE PAISA presents a unique opportunity of reviving/acquiring small businesses that need capital infusion to remain sustainable and later compete with the big fishes of the industry they trade in. Mergers and Acquisitions may be the in-thing today but unfortunately only for those who have made a name in the industry and who have enough moolah to divert towards these initially high investment activities. If you have small businesses for sale in Delhi, India, please call us.

ANGLE PAISA offers a rare opportunity to the large and small businesses that are not doing well to look for buyers in the market who can take-over their business. It gives a platform to the ‘Sellers’ and potential ‘Buyers’ to meet and discuss the acquisition strategy, finalise it and close it creating an opportunity for both. For the benefit of ‘Sellers’, suddenly there is a market where there are different buyers ready to take-over their entity, infuse funds and run the business according to their choices. It helps the ‘Sellers’ in the way that they get immediate cash and an opportunity to walk out of the business respectfully which was anyway not doing well. They are also saved of the embarrassing possibility of bankruptcy or selling their business in the market at a much lower price. If you want to buy and sell small business in Delhi, India. Call us.

The ‘Buyers’ also gain profit out of such deals in the way that they get an established business with ready paraphernalia, strategy, manpower etc. and can immediately dole out goods and services ensuring the flow of transactions and business activity without spending any time and money on business planning and its gestation period.

It was uncommon in India, earlier, to find out methods of selling and purchasing businesses that were not so successful. While there was always a beeline for thriving businesses, those struggling always had to be satisfied or rather extremely dissatisfied with bankruptcy proceedings, sale of the business at nominal rates or looking for organisations that can take them over and revive them for years eventually finding none. With the advent of crowdfunding and ANGLE PAISA pitching in with its business opportunity for buy and sell business in India, there is no dearth of disposing of your not so profitable business or acquiring a sick firm as per your choice.