Artificial Intelligence driving Crowdfunding to the next level


Artificial Intelligence driving Crowdfunding to the next level

Crowdfunding and Artificial intelligence both are emerging areas which are tremendously impacting each industry. Crowdfunding platform provides an alternative way to startup businesses to raise funds online through microinvestors globally on their own terms. As we see, crowdfunding is becoming the trend for raising capital.

On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing and advancing rapidly. It can support large amounts of data and solve many challenging problems in multiple industries such as technology, financial etc. AI is maturing as an essential part of the workforce to achieve much-needed business insights more efficiently and quickly.

Both the platforms have potential to provide incredible growth across the startup and investor ecosystem. AI can be incorporated into crowdfunding platforms to help improvise the quality and output of overall crowdfunding process. AI programs can be used by firms to help in campaign assessment and choose the right kind of crowdfunding campaigns they want to showcase to investors. It can also help find more creative and innovative fundraising ideas for crowdfunding campaigns to target with investors with insightful ideas. It can also provide a chance to microinvestors to be better informed on which budding ventures to invest their hard-earned money, based on prior analytics for each sector, industry, and idea.

AI programs can also help in researching investor’s background to help understand which investor would stay-put longer term with the concept.  It can help detect fraud and provide more reliable and honest investors for crowdfunding. It can also help provide new ideas for the huge data on startups and investors already there with crowdfunding websites. This will help provide a list of accurate backers, specific followers as per the campaign’s demand.

ANGLEPaisa is one of the topmost equity crowdfunding websites in India. Its complete ecosystem provides end to end services to emerging startups. The specialized team guides entrepreneurs to establish their ventures successfully and also support running businesses to meet their targets as per their deadlines. With the use of upcoming technologies in AI and Bigdata, firms like ANGLEPaisa are making sure that the crowdfunding ecosystem in India is able to flourish most efficiently with the best crowdfunding companies competing for campaigns from the top crop of interested investors.



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