Finding Capital

Do you have an idea, waiting for support to break the grounds? If yes, then ANGLEPaisa is your one stop solution.

Most businessmen just need a push and seed money for transforming their best fundraising idea into reality. Considering the nature of the business, the seed capital may permit you to initiate a minimum feasible product, purchase inventory, lease space and buy equipment. Nowadays, the technology has cut down the cost of starting any business. Let us study different sources to fund the seed capital. Nowadays, businessmen start their creative ideas with their hard earned savings and try to bootstrap the startup, however, for those who don’t have this source can resort to other options.

  • Business Angels – These are a group of wealthy investors that support any business by investing seed capital and are called the business angels. This community is not that large and finding your business angle is like searching a needle in a haystack, it’s evident people investing want equity returns.
  • VCs – Another category is of the venture capitalists that are institutional investors. These capitalists, though large in numbers, yet it would be just a few of them who would turn up to invest in seed capital. Many of them look for progress in the business first and then decide on to invest or not to invest.
  • Banks – Another promising financial institution that requires keeping track and collateral records owing to which they do not approve loans to small or new Startups. The repayment of loan can also drain out of the significant revenue from your business which is young and needs more reinvestment.

Now, when these options have failed to help you, ANGLEPaisa has come up in the picture as a savior to help you accomplish your dreams. We put in our efforts and raise seed capital for your business